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Certified by HACCP Canada and audited quarterly. Eassons Transportation Group has successfully implemented the Trucking Food Safety Program and has an approved Food Safety Preventive Controls Plan (PCP) in place. 
Recognized in both Canada and United States as an approved Preventive Controls Plan HACCP based food safety program for transportation.
Eassons has achieved the HACCPCanada Certified Registration Number of LOG2231020 by meeting all criteria for Multi-Temperature Food Transport and implementing an Active HACCP-Based Food Safety System centered on industry standards which fully meets or exceeds the Food Safety Codes of:
  • Provincial Health Regulatory Authorities
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP)
  • Health Canada – HACCP Protocols
  • World Health Organization – (Codex Alimentarius)
The Required Prerequisite Programs at these Premises Include:
1) An Active HACCP-Based Food Safety System for Multi-Temperature Food Transport.
2) A Hygiene Policy.
3) All Pertinent Staff Food Safety Trained.
4) A Successful Implementation Audit
HACCPCanada, an arm’s length auditor and certifying body, has verified all current record keeping requirements at Eassons Transport Ltd and consistently and frequently monitors the process throughout the year by reviewing its HACCP Implementation and supporting documentation.
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