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An internship with Eassons is the perfect way to start your career as a Long Haul Truck Driver.

Is a career in trucking right for you?


An internship is the perfect place to start if you would like to work with Eassons Transportation Group and are an eligible graduate of a recognized training institution, such as Commercial Safety College.

Successful candidates who pass our screening process will be accepted into the internship program.  We are looking for a good attitude, clean criminal search and an aptitude for long haul trucking.

Training - What to Expect

  • It requires 4 weeks and 100 hours minimum.
  • Your coach will give you some information on what to take (clothes, food, bedding, etc…)
  • Your driving time will increase weekly, as your coach becomes more comfortable with your driving ability.

Upon completion of the internship program, our goal is to have the student trained in all aspects of being a professional driver. In addition to coaching you on your driving, we want to teach you some additional skills and procedures that will serve useful in your future career, regardless of where you want to work.


If you are interested in learning more about the process or are looking for a letter of intent please contact Gordie Atwood at 902-679-1130 or by email at