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Real-time tracking

Know exactly where your shipment is — any day, any time.

  • Our customers receive real-time shipment status updates via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)  
  • Our drivers already use ELDs (electronic logging devices) for compliance with the Canadian mandates coming in 2020.

Environmental Sustainability

Eassons Transportation Group proudly to participates in many environmental initiatives. As a Smart Way Transport Partner, we are committed to efficiently reducing the use of energy while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

Here are some of our initiatives

  • Trailer Tails – aerodynamic tails improve fuel efficiency by as much as 5.5% by streamlining airflow and reducing rear drag.
  • Trailer Skirts – Improve fuel efficiency by up to 6% by reducing aerodynamic drag under the trailer where air hits the rear axles
  • Tires – Fuel efficient and Smart Way verified, the reduced rolling resistance from a dual energy compound tread extends mileage and the lifetime of the tire.
  • Tire Inflation – by keeping tires properly inflated and rolling smoothly, we minimize tire wear, extend tire life and increase fuel efficiency 
  • Mud Flaps – an aerodynamic splash guard design reduces fuel consumption.
  • Refrigeration Technology – Our systems reduce noise, fuel use, and emissions. 
  • Aerodynamic Tractors – Full chassis skirts and full roof fairings improve fuel economy.
  • LCV’s – Long Combination Vehicles are operating in high volume traffic corridors, reducing miles, fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Truck Specs – The latest technology in automatic transmissions and high torque engine packages offer cleaner exhaust emissions through diesel exhaust fluid technology
  • Auxiliary Power Units – Sleeper berths have battery powered APUs to keep the truck warm/cool during downtime, without idling the engine, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
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