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We’re Canada’s dedicated food-trucking company with coast-to-coast service -- and a guaranteed cross-country cold supply chain. 

Our knowledge of best practices and innovations applied to your cold supply chain is focused on getting every detail right. We help you meet your customers demanding requirements and provide the right mix of equipment and services. Whatever solution you need—be it temperature controlled LTL, truckload, consolidation, expedited, cross-border or more—we deliver!

As category experts in Meat, Poultry, Fish, and Seafood since 1945; we are acutely aware that your fresh, frozen, temperature-sensitive, or processed food needs to get to your customers on time—while preserving the quality you worked so hard to achieve—because your consumers depend on this.

Canadians spend close to $100B annually on food and beverages, and another $50B on restaurant meals. If perishable products get delayed in transit, it could reduce their shelf life by up to 50%. Luckily, that’s a risk Eassons customers don’t need to take or worry about. 

Maintaining specific temperatures through every aspect of our operations allows us to deliver on time and on temperature to all of Canada’s major retailers.

  • Temperature controlled
  • Integrated cold supply chain management
  • Knowledge of and adherence to all FSMA requirements reducing your compliance concerns
  • Load consolidation to reduce your LTL costs
  • Canada-wide coverage with a single provider
  • Food grade transport services 
  • Load consolidation program that reduces your LTL costs